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It was not by chance that Alatarji reached this level of acceptance and preference.

The journey began next to the holy house in Mecca, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

Sheikh Mohammed Alem Atarji was one of the most successful, if not the best, perfumer of the Kingdom.

His experteese in Oud, Amber, Musk ... was highly respected as he was who started importing Oud to the Kingdom.

Muzafar Atarji carried the work of his father to th enext level, by modernizing and widening the business.

His finger prints are yet visible in our daily business.

Muzafar was the first perfumer to build a perfum efactory producing Oud and other ingredients.

Today Mishal Muzafar Atarji managed to combine the traditional habd craft of perfume with modern production methods to 

develop what we composed in the current Alatarji collection.

Teeb Al Mashaer
Omsyati Women
Omsyati Men
Amasy powder
Omsyati collection MW
Aomsyati powder
Al Wesam
Amasy Gold
Juzour Al Oud
Al Maali
Al Nukhba
Areej Al Hayat Splash
Mabthooth Al Shoyoukh
Teeb Al Manasek
Rouh Al Mesk beauty lotion
Mabthooth Al Hijzi
Omsyati collection W
Nafhat Al Bakhour